I couldn’t find my nationality?

If you couldn’t find your nationality in our list, please Contact us and let us know what’s your nationality, we will check and respond within 1 working day.

How much do I have to pay for visa stamping at the airport?

Visa stamping fee at the airport shall be varied subject to your type of visa and stay duration:

  • For 1 month/3 months single entry visa: $25;
  • For 1 month/ 3 months multiple entry: $50;
  • For 1 year multiple entry visa: $135

Please check our Tourist Visa on Arrival page for details

Do I have to apply for a visa to Vietnam?

Foreigner will be required a visa to visit Vietnam, however citizen from a number of nationality is allowed to visit for short duration without a visa. For details, please check out our Vietnam Visa Exemption List.

I’m going to Vietnam next month, Can i apply for a visa now?

If you are planning to go to Vietnam next month, you better apply it now and don’t have to wait. It’ll have you to save time for other tasks and most importantly to avoid any future changes on visa policy, if any.

Do you provide visa extension services?

Currently we just focus on visa on arrival in order to provide the best VOA service in the market. We have not yet provide services on visa extension/ visa renew while customers are staying in Vietnam.

Do I need to go to embassy after receiving visa approval letter?

No, you don’t have to go to embassy. All you have to do after receiving the visa approval letter is printing it out and take it with you when departure.

My daughter and I both hold United Kingdom passports, am I correct that UK citizens do not need visas for Vietnam?

Since July 01 2015, UK passport holders travelling to Vietnam for tourism purpose is eligible for staying in Vietnam for a period of 15 days without visa. However, it’s only single entry visa and if traveler would like to re-enter into Vietnam without visa in the future, the period between their exiting and their re-visiting must be at least 30 days.

Do I need to submit scanned photos/passport when I apply for a Vietnam visa online?

No, neither photo nor the passport are required when you apply for Vietnam visa online. You just need to pick up the suitable Vietnam visa type, fill in the online application form and submit to us. Passport and photos shall be required when you landing to the Vietnam International Airport only.

Our flight will arrive at 2 am, Can we get visa at that time?

Yes, the visa counter at Vietnam international airport is open 24/7. If you already have the approval letter, you can pick up your Vietnam visa at Vietnam airport anytime, including weekend or national holiday.

We travel to Vietnam by land from Cambodia, Should I apply for visa on arrival?

No, you shouldn’t. The Vietnam Visa on Arrival is only applicable to those who travel by air through Vietnam international airport. If you travel by land, you should go to embassy and apply for visa before travelling.

Can I travel to Vietnam without the letter and get the visa when I arrive?

No, you cannot. The Airlines will requires to see your Approval Letter. Additionally, the letter is compulsory for you to get the visa at Vietnam International Airport. Therefore, please take time to apply for Vietnam Tourist Visa On Arrival and get your Approval Letter before flying to Vietnam.

I have changed my flight destination and will arrive at another airport, should I worry about it?

No, you shouldn’t. As long as you arrive at any of the three international airports: Tan Son Nhat international Airport (HCMC), Noi Bai international Airport (HN) and Da Nang international Airport (DNG), your approval letter will work and you will get Vietnam Tourist Visa On Arrival. There is no problem with switching between these three airports.

What should I do if I find out that I had typo when ordering?

At anytime if you find out any mistakes or typo, please contact us immediately by sending an email to [email protected], or using our contact form on the website, or chat with our online agents.

If we haven’t processed your order yet, we’ll correct it for you immediately. However if your order has already been processed, you will have to re-apply for a new approval letter with the correct information.

Should I worry about scam on online payment?

In order to secure all transactions, we only use Paypal payment system. After order, your web browser will direct you to Paypal website for making payment. So all your transactions, credit/debit cards information, etc. will be secured by Paypal and you don’t have to input any credit/debit cards information on our website. Additionally, you can always claim Paypal for money back. That’s how we protect our customers.

Note: If you are using other Vietnam tourist visa on arrival agents and they request making payment using your credit/debit cards on their website, please be aware of only scam. You may lose both money and your credit/ debit cards information.

Do I have to provide the exact date of arrival?

No, not necessarily. The date of arrival is use for determination of your stay period only. You actually can arrive after the submitted date of arrival.

For example: If you apply for 1 month tourist visa on arrival and submit your date of as Nov 1, 2015, the approval letter will be valid from Nov 1, 2015 –  Dec 1, 2015. You can use the approval letter and arrive anytime between Nov 1 – Dec 1, but must leave the country by Dec 1, 2015.

How long does it takes to get the approval letter?

Our standard processing time is one (01) business day (excluding Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays). That’s the best vietnam visa services as the normal processing time in the market is from two (02) to three (03) business days, and they will charge you additional $10-$15 for one day service.

In urgent cases, you are able to have the approval letter within 2 hours. Please note that additional fee will be applied for urgent cases and you have to contact us first.


  • Our business days is from Monday to Friday (GMT +7)
  • The visa counter at any Vietnam international airports is open 24/7, so you can pick up your visa at Vietnam international airport on Weekend or National Holidays.

Do children travelling with parents need a separated tourist visa?

  • If children have their own passports, they shall have to apply for approval letter and then pay for stamping fee upon arrival as adults;
  • If children don’t have their own passports and share passport with their parents, they shall have to apply for approval letter, however they will not need to pay for a visa stamp fee.

What if I encounter any other trouble at the arrival airport?

If any trouble occurs at the airport, please call us, send us mail, or chat with us so we can help you immediately.