Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Vietnam Visa on Arrival (“VOA”) is a legitimate, quickest and cheapest manner to obtain a Vietnam visa.

Applicant applying for visa in VOA method will receive an Approval Letter from Vietnam Immigration Department via email, and will be granted a Visa upon their arrival to Vietnam international airport. The best part is that the whole application process to get an visa via VOA method shall be done online within 5 minutes, wherever the applicant are.

Why VOA Is Recommended?

Because of its superior in comparison to the traditional manner of obtaining a Vietnam Visa, VOA is recommended and used by a lot of tourist in a number of big travel forum including tripadvisor, lonelyplanet, travelfish, fodors, etc. Applying for VOA, applicant will:

  • Save time and money: No wasted time and money on booking or travelling to Vietnam Embassy;
  • Be Hassle free: No passport send off, application shall be created online;
  • Be in control: Apply for Visa wherever you are, whenever you want;
  • Get visa faster and cheaper: Low service fee and take up to 02 days for approval letter;
  • Be guaranteed: Payment through Paypal with 100% money back guarantee.

What Exactly Is The Approval Letter?

The Approval Letter from the Immigration Department is an official document from the Government of Vietnam that:

  • allows any named person to enter Vietnam;
  • states clearly that the named person “are permitted to pick up visa on arrival at the international Airports”;
  • states clearly the type of visa (multiple or single entry); and
  • states clearly the duration of visa.

The Approval Letter will contain your personal information, i.e. full name, gender, DOB, nationality and passport number. To be legitimate, it must be signed and sealed.

Note: The Approval Letter could contain information of other people you may not know. You should not worry about that as the Immigration Department normally approves a group of people at once.

How Much Does It Cost

Applicants applying for VOA shall have to pay two kind of fee:

Fee for obtaining an Approval Letter: We offer the most competitive price you could ever have (lowest from US$9.99). Payment to us shall be made through Paypal with 100% money back guaranteed;

Visa Stamping fee: Fixed fee announce by the Government of Vietnam, payment shall be made in cash to the Immigration Department at your arrival Airport.

The total cost for applying a Vietnam Visa on Arrival are reported by a number of tourists to be much cheaper and more convenient than applying a Vietnam Visa through Vietnam Embassy, vary from $30 to $50/person

I Have An Approval Letter – What’s Next?

Having Approval Letter from Immigration Department mean that your visa to Vietnam is waiting you at the international Airport. Now you just need to follow 5 simple steps below to get visa upon your arrival:

1. Upon arrival, go to the Visa on Arrival zone (or Landing Visa zone), hand over (i) your passport, (ii) your visa approval letter, (iii) your passport photo and (iv) your immigration form to staffs at the VOA window counter;

2. Find a place, sit down and wait till your name to be called;

3. Pay the stamping fee ($25 for 1 month/3months single entry and $50 for 1 month/ 3 month multiple entry visa);

4. Get your passport back with Vietnam visa stamped;

5. Go to the immigration control to e processed in normal way.

Details of stamping guide for the airports could be found here

Please bear in mind that you’ll need the Approval Letter, the immigration form filled, 1 passport photo and your passport having at least 6 months of validity and 2 blank pages for stamping visa.

That’s all you have to do. Welcome to Vietnam!

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