Vietnam visa for US citizen

vietnam visa for us citizen

A lot of our customers who are USA passport holder have asked us “Do I need a visa to go to Vietnam”. And If you are having the same question, please read here and find out the current policy on Vietnam visa for US citizen.

Since 01 July 2015, 5 more countries has been added to Vietnam Visa exemption list which mean their citizen could enter into Vietnam for a period of 15 days without any visa requirement. However, United States is not in the list and people still have to apply for visa for Vietnam from us.

Procedure of applying for Vietnam visa for US citizen is simple. US passport holder can apply in 2 ways:

1. Applying for Vietnam visa from Vietnam Embassy in US:

By this method, US citizen will go directly to the nearest Vietnam Embassy, fill in the Vietnam visa application form and follow its instruction. They’ll have to leave their passport at the embassy and wait from 5 to 7 days to get their passport back.

2. Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival:

Applying for Vietnam visa for US citizen is easier and doesn’t require to go to the Embassy at all. All you need is an Internet connection and 5 minutes to fill in Vietnam visa application form on the Voavietnam visa service website. All you have to do is choosing your Vietnam visas type, filling in the Vietnam visa form as requested and making payment. Within 1 business day, an approval letter will be send to your email address.

The following video has demonstrated how simple the procedure of Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival is.

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With this method, US citizen could apply visa for Vietnam from NYC, San Francisco or anywhere in the US or in the world.

In conclusion, although it is still required, Vietnam visa for US citizen is simpler and cheaper to obtain. There are other visa agent providing Vietnam visa on arrival, but we are one of the best in the market with 1 day standard service and very competitive price. We also use Paypal for secured payment system. Please save your time and pick your Vietnam tourist visa on arrival now.