Breakfast in Da Lat: Start Your Day the Right Way

When I was around ten years old, I came to Da Lat with my grandpa for a month. At that time, my grandpa was raising two horses to sell after they grew up. Every morning I asked my grandpa to let me ride the horse to the city center for breakfast. I will never forget these breakfasts with my grandpa. Da Lat’s cold mornings are perfect for a warm breakfast with your family and friends. Let me recommend a few foods that remind me of this precious time and places to start your day.

Banh Can in Da Lat (mini pancake)

Having originated from the south-central coast of Vietnam, banh can is a very popular dish in Da Lat. When it immigrated to Da Lat, banh can went through a small transformation. These changes have made banh can of Da Lat even more delicious and therefore favored by many people. It’s a kind of grilled rice flour cooked in a special oven made of earthenware.

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