The Beauty of Vietnam – the Beaches

Vietnam might have been late to Southeast Asia’s beach party, but it was well worth the wait. The country boasts more than 3400km of coastline, with infinite stretches of powdery sand, coves, lagoons, impossible boulder formations and tropical islands ringed with yet more beaches. Some of Vietnam Beaches has been rated as the world’s most beautiful beaches. In this post, we would like to help you navigate the overwhelming amount of choices so you could discover a part of the beauty of Vietnam.

Nha Trang Beach


The heavyweight champion of Vietnam, Nha Trang has been knocking out visitors for years. True, the town is brazen and brash, but the beach is bold and beautiful and a gateway to a cluster of quieter islands.

Mui Ne

Mui be Beach
Mui be Beach

Set on a seductive swathe of sand, Mui Ne is an absolute charmer with swaying palms and towering dunes. Get pummelled on the beach by a masseur or pummelled by the waves with some water sports – this place blends action and inertia to perfection.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Beach
Phu Quoc Beach

Simply the most beautiful island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc is liberally sprinkled with picture-perfect white sand beaches and cloaked in dense, impenetrable jungle. Long Beach is sophisticated, Ong Lan Beach romantic, and Bai Sao simply irresistible.

Con Dao

Con Dao Beach - - Vietnam tourist visa on arrival
The Con Dao islands have been protected from over-exposure by their isolated location off the coast. Enjoy it while it lasts, with their smattering of resorts and an overdose of idyllic beaches, as this is sure to be the next big thing in Vietnamese beaches.

My Khe/Cua Dai

cua dai beach

Whether you call it My Khe to the north or Cua Dai to the south, or even China beach, it’s all just one long, luscious stretch of sand. Try surfing off the shores of Danang or just pamper yourself at the resorts near Hoi An.

Doc Let
Doc Let beach

While the rest of the world is sunning itself in Nha Trang, slip up the coast to this little teaser, home to some atmospheric resorts and some squeaky white sand; a place to get away from it all.

Ho Coc

Ho coc Beach
Vung Tau to Phan Thiet is almost one long beach, but much of it remains mercifully inaccessible to the masses. Sample its potential with a retreat to Ho Coc, a glorious sandbar about midway along this stretch.


A lot of Vietnam Beaches have been considered as place that must visit at least one time in life. As Vietnam Government is trying to improve the tourism industry and attract more travelers coming to Vietnam, more and more beaches of Vietnam will be developed and explored. The Government also widen the visa policy to attract more travelers, i.e. Foreigners can save time and money by apply for Vietnam tourist visa on arrival online, and get visa upon arrival. If you are looking for a beach to for the next holiday, come to Vietnam and you won’t regret it.

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